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Rural Tourism

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Sustainable Tourism Initiatives

The planned activities of Bodoland Tourism have made BTR a great tourist destination, at the same time promoting local business and providing livelihood opportunities to the local people, directly or indirectly associated with the tourism sector.

Community-Based Tourism

Through active participation in the Government's eneavour to develop tourism, the communities have emerged as an ecology-aware, tourist-friendly and responsible people. In addition to becoming engaged in homestay business or as local tourist guides, the Bodo people also indirectly contribute to the tourism and hospitality sector through handloom production and poultry farming.

Volunteer Opportunities

With a booming tourism in their hands, many opportunities have arisen for the Bodos. Volunteers can engage in various activities like tourism development, rural development, wildlife conservation, illiteracy eradication, social upliftment etc. amidst a people known to be very hardworking, hospitable and friendly.