Charkrasila Wildlife Sanctuary

Popular for its Golden Langur, this enchanting sanctuary is spread across 45,58 sq.kms and is specially designated for long-term conservation and preservation of the Golden Langur.

But that's not all. At Chakrasila, luck will surely be by your side when it comes to sightings of Leopards, Himalayan Giant Squirrels, Chinese Pangolins, Jungle Cats, Burmese Rock Pythons and a host of other animals and birds you've never heard of before. Besides wildlife sightings, there's a lot to do around the Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary. With excursions to Sikhri Sikhla, Jarnagra, Baukhungri / Bakumari Peak, Dibil Thakur Peak, Anthai Gufur, Dangdufur, Dheerbeel, Deeplaibeel, Bhalukjhora and Rubber Garden, there's a lot of adventure in store for you.

How To Reach:

From Kokrajhar
10 kms26 minutes
Nearest AirportLGBI Airport, Guwahati200 kms3.5 hours
Nearest RailheadKokrajhar
10 kms20 minutes
Nearest TownKokrajhar
10 kms20 minutes