Diplai Beel

Diplai Beel is a large natural wetland covering an area of 4.14 sq km. It is the region’s first Bird Sanctuary providing shelter to both local and migratory birds. This lake is situated 18 kms from Kokrajhar town on the southern side. The western side of the lake is inhabited by people of Bodo, Rava and Garo communities and the north-eastern side is surrounded by hills covered with forest where the Golden Langur (Mwkra Gufur) can be seen.

The wetland is spread across 3301 bighas of land and is home to a large number of species of fish, as it remains full of water for almost the whole year. Till the year 2005, the Government used to lease out the wetland for fishing.  After the creation of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC), the government has taken up Diplai Beel to be developed as an eco-tourism park. 

There also exists another wetland known as Dhir Beel, which is seperated from Diplai Beel by a hill. Legend has it that Dhir and Diplai were the two wives of a very wealthy merchant, and were very jealous of each other. Tired of their jealousy and quarrals the merchant seperated them from one another by making them stay on two sides of the hill. Another legend states that Diplai is a goddess who grants one's wishes in exchange for a special offering.

How To Reach:

From Kokrajhar
18 kms30 minutes
Nearest AirportLGBI Airport, Guwahati200 kms3.5 hours
Nearest RailheadKokrajhar
18 kms30 minutes
Nearest TownKokrajhar
18 kms30 minutes