Kachugaon Reserved Forest

In the westernmost parts of BTC are Ripu Reserved Forest and Kachugaon Reserved Forest, the famous timber treasures of vintage
Sal trees. These are also the areas which during the British rule witnessed official plundering of India's forest wealth. The imposing Forest IB built during that period, and the old visitor's book that has records of almost weekly visits of the DFO in 1939, are silent
testimony to the systematic extraction of timber on a scale that defies imagination. It must have been a huge work-force of woodcutters and labourers deployed to cut trees, that the forest department used to lay a railway line all the way into the forest till deep north, to carry food and water for the workers and extract the harvested logs from there.

The lure of high commercial value of the Sal wood is so tempting, that even today it is an uphill task for the Bodoland Forest Protection Force - an NGO of over 100 trained youth who keep a constant vigil, along with the forest guards, to keep encroachers and timber thieves at bay. Ironically, the very Inspection Bungalow that the British had built to supervise the official deforestation is today the headquarters of the protection force and the remnants of the railway line form a protective fence around the timber yard that stores the logs confiscated from today's timber smugglers.

Fortunately, due to a very high fertility index, the forests of Bodoland have a tremendous regenerating, self-supporting and self-sustaining capacity. The Sal forests of the western parts are already healthy and given a chance to survive, will soon be back to their former glory where wildlife will once again find safe sanctuary.

How To Reach:

From Kokrajhar
50 kms1 hour
Nearest AirportLGBI Airport, Guwahati230 kms4 hours
Nearest RailheadGossaigaon
19 kms25 minutes
Nearest TownGossaigaon
19 kms25 minutes