Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Famous for sightings of Gaur or Indian Bison, Tiger, Leopard, Capped Langur, Sambar, Barking Deer, Hog Deer, Pigmy Hog, Hispid Hare, Slow Loris, Dhole and Peacock, Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary is also an important migratory corridor for Elephants throughout this region.

Along the foothills of Indo-Bhutan border it is spread across over 26.22 sq.kms, and is also a natural abode to Peafowl and Hornbills.

How To Reach:

From Kokrajhar
185 kms3.5 hours
Nearest AirportLGBI Airport, Guwahati91 kms1.8 hours
Nearest RailheadRangia
36 kms55 minutes
Nearest TownTamulpur
17 kms25 minutes