Dance & Music

Dance Forms
There are 5 main ethnic dance forms among the Bodos, performed in different occassions with great pomp & show in their colorful hand woven traditional attire.

It is the most graceful, beautiful and attractive traditional dance of the Bodos specially performed by the women to the tune of the song and musical instruments being played by the men. This dance is associated with merry-making and is performed on all occasions. This dance form has also been acknowledged as national dance of India since 1957.

This is a special religious dance form performed on the occasion of the Kherai Puja; one of the traditional festivals celebrated once in a year in the month of January.

Haba Janai Dance
Literally Haba means "marriage" while Janai means "to be". This is a typical Bodo marriage dance performed on the auspicious occasion with much joy for the well-being of the couple.

Bwisagu Mwchanai
This dance form is performed during the Spring Festival to welcome the New Year which falls in the month of April.

Raijw Janai Mwchanai
This dance forms signifies the daily social lifestyle of the Bodos.

The Bodos belonged to the warrior group and this dance form was performed before the men proceeded to the war field.

Musical Instruments

Kham: It is an elongated drum, often hung on the shoulder and is beaten to produce music using both the hands.

Siphung: It is a mouth organ (flute), beautifully crafted from a slim bamboo and has 5 holes.

Serja: It is a traditional Violin with 4 strings used by the Bodos. It is played by a small bow made of bamboo strip tied with a small bunch horse's tail hair; which serves as strings.

Jotha: It is a basin like musical instrument with equal size and shape beaten together in pair.

Gongana: Gongana is the Jew's harp and is a kind of small wind instrument used by the Bodos.

Jabkhring: It is made of wood in a half moon shape having some round suforations on its body to adjust the metallic dices.

Thorkha: A bamboo clapper with two internodes and three nodes; the nodes are in the upper, middle and lower end respectively.

Binju: It's a stringed Bodo musical instrument similar to Indian "Bina".