Rice or Wngkham, as it is locally called, is the staple of this region and so all the main meals revolve around this. They usually have a curry dish to eat with rice which is made from the regional herbs and green leaves.

Fish is had in abundance. Most of these fishes are caught from their own ponds or nearby streams and rivers. They are either fried or made in curry, usually with a vegetable. The Bodos also consume dried or preserved fish. But it’s meat that is the most popular. Meats like pork, chicken and duck are eaten, almost everyday. They are either roasted or fried.

The favourite dishes like ondla, shobai, wngkhrwi gwbab are prepared with the mixture of alkali. They do not prefer milk and sweet.

So if you want to have a meal with the Bodos, you should know what you are being served. Here is a list of their most common non veg dishes.

  • Mwita Kangkrai– crab with roselle leaves
  • Napham – fermented fish chutney – It is spicy and smelly, but a must.
  • Sobai Jwng Dau Jwng – Chicken in roasted black gram dal
  • Daau Jwng Kumra Jwng – Chicken curry cooked with White gourd melon
  • Ondla Jwng Naa Jwng – Fish curry with rice powder

Rice Beer

This is the favourite beverage of the Bodos. They offer it to Gods and Goddesses for important religious festivals. In a social gathering, rice beer is given as a sign of respect. It is made with rice and a lot of local leaves and herbs.