Handloom & Handicrafts


From time immemorial Bodo women weave their own traditional dresses at home, which forms a part of their daily chores. They are expert weavers with artistic sensibility and include cotton textiles of various colours and silk fabrics of the finest quality. The names of
traditional garments woven by them are Dokhona, Fali, Indisi, Aronai, Rege-regang, Janji Khanai Fali, Gamsa etc. They also weave furnishings like curtain, bedsheet, quilt cover, cushion cover etc.


It is the traditional wrap around worn by the Bodo women folk which is 1.5mts wide and 2.5 mts in length.


It is a hand-woven muffler with traditional floral design and found in variety of colours. It is also used to gift the guest as a token of respectul welcome.


Fali is a long piece of cloth used by the woman to cover the bosom. They weave it in different floral designs and colours and match it with the dokhona. The familiar one is Rege-regang.


It is like a dhoti used by the man to wear.


All the handicrafts of the Bodos are designed and made out of bamboo and wood which are used on daily basis. Some of them have up as a trade of preparing these items and so are readily available in the market.


This is specially used for catching fish.


It is in the shape of a pot and is used to hold the fish.


It is a hand-fan made out of bamboo to give a cool breeze in summer.


It is a big round plate like structure specially used to clean paddy, rice or any other cereals.


It is a net like round plate bamboo woven with many holes. It is specially used to segregate the rice of the pounded paddy.


It is also like a Sandri but the holes here are finer and are used to strain the rice powder used to make rice-cake and other snacks.