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Trekking & Camping

Trekking all over Bodoland is quite an experience. Kokrajhar is an ideal destination for thrill seekers, who can enjoy adventure sports such as river rafting, river camping, and canoeing. Many camp organisers in Kokrajhar organise events where one can trek on a specific mount, which is followed by an overnight camping at the top. River side camping is a new tourist attraction. Getting away from the city life and listening to nature has been trending. With crickets at night to say goodnight and a good morning welcome by bird cries, it is a welcome change for tourists who want to soak in nature.

River Rafting

Bodoland sports a fantastic river rafting experience at Bornadi, in the Udalguri district. Surrounded by the Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary, this is a haven for nature and adventure enthusiasts. The river Bornadi, the mainstream of river Puthimari flows from Bhutan and it enters into India at Bogamati. The river rafting is a four hour water ride on inflatable rubber tubes over gushing white foam of the river as it flows down from the hills of Bhutan into Assam in breakneck speed.


Dangdufur Hills, in the midst of the Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary, is the latest haunt of adventure enthusiasts. For paragliders, this is beauty at its most sterling form, pure and undiluted. The Bodoland Territorial Council is going all out to promote Kokrajhar and the surrounding areas and give infinite scope for an adrenaline rush to tourists with the introduction of paragliding.

Environmental Excursions

Environmental excursions are now on the rise to Bodoland. Not just schools and colleges bring their children to these sanctuaries, but so do students of environmental studies. The Bodos are proud of their heritage and they ought to be. Ever since they have realised the importance of taking care of the environment, they have gone all out to ensure its growth.

Bird Excursions

While there are almost 450 species of birds in Manas National Park, two standalone uncommon species are the Bengal Florican and the Great Pied Hornbill. One can also find the different water birds and woodland birds. Tourist guides who operate this belt are quite well versed and prove a big asset to bird watchers and ornithologists. More than 250 species including many rare and endangered birds can be spotted in the Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary. Open-Billed Stork, Greater Adjutant Stork, Little Egret, Shrikes, Pond Heron, Drongoes and Darter are some of them. Hornbills are the most exotic.

Botanical & Zoological Excursions

Manas National Park in Assam is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, a tiger and elephant reserve, and a biosphere reserve. Manas National Park gets its name from the River Manas, which flows through the reserve and is also the major tributary of Brahmaputra River.


There are picnic spots galore all along the length and breadth of Bodoland, from Bhairabkunda in Udalguri district to Chakrashila in Kokrajhar. Numerous beautiful locations in the Bhutan foothills, hillocks & lakes, white rapids and the riverbanks spoil one for choices. The quintessential things here are beauty and silence. Bodoland is where nature rules.