Jungle Safari

To experience the wild and untamed beauty of Bodoland, one needs an experienced guide. Therein lies the beauty of most of these Wildlife Sanctuaries.

The Manas National Park has tourist guides who were poachers once upon a time. Having changed for the better, these poachers now act as protectors of the land and conduct Safaris. The most comfortable one for families of 4-6 members are Jeep Safaris. The driver often acts as the guide and takes the tourists to all the best spots to sight the animals and birds.

The passengers get a bird’s eye view as the overhead flap is open. There are usually two Safaris a day, one in the early morning and one in the afternoon, each of 4 hours.

The Elephant Safari is a much loved one amongst children. On the broad back of the elephants, wooden seats are placed. Children and adults sit astride these seats and get a clear view of the Forest Reserve. It’s a 2 hour trip and is usually carried out early in the morning.

For students and large groups, guided tours are the best. Detailed studies on the flora and fauna alongwith the wildlife are conducted by specially trained guides who are available at the tourist offices.

The Safaris and guided tours are available in all Sanctuaries, during season time. The season time starts from September and ends around April.

River Rafting is another activity that is conducted in Bodoland’s Baksa district. This is handled by professionals who take tourists up and down the Rapids of the River Barnadi. This is one of the most exciting activities for tourists, so please make the bookings before your departure.