The climate in Bodoland has distinctive four seasons. Spring is from mid-February to mid-April. Summer months are till September. During this time, there are hail storms around mid-April, interspersed with the monsoons from June onwards.

Fall or Autumn is for a very short spell. The Autumn season or the month of September (Bhado maah) is considered a holy month and also sees the onset of the religious festivals starting from the 17th of September. On this day, Vishwakarma or the God of Engineering is worshipped.

December starts early in Bodoland. As it is primarily an agricultural belt, the cold can get severe. This cold winter spell continues till mid February.

The temperature hovers around 30-34 degrees centigrade from May till September. Come October, the mercury starts dropping and in the peak of the winter months of December and January, it sees a low of 10-12 degrees centigrade.

The rainy months from May to September are hot and humid.